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Our Main Activities Are

  • To give training on scientific beekeeping for the farmers/beekeepers/ unemployed youths & officers across India.
  • To organize Seven Days Training Program, Five Days Exposure Visit Program, Two Days State Level Seminar on awareness, motivation & technology transfer in Scientific Beekeeping and also give technical support.
  • To educate the farmers on bee pollination to boost productivity of crop.
  • To trained the beekeepers in Bee venom, Propolis, Bee Wax, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen’s method & techniques of production.
  • Production unit of wooden bee boxes of Italian Bees and many beekeeping equipments.
  • During on field training, migrate to bee colonies at migration site.
  • To teach scientific method of extracting, processing and marketing of honey.
  • Works :-

    • Beekeeping Training, Seminar, Exposure Visit
    • Technical Support
    • Production & Supply of Honey
    • Sales & Supply of All Beekeeping Equipment
    • Sales & Supply Honey Bees & Bees Hives