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S. No. Description Module Duration No. of beneficially
1 Within State Training Training on Scientific Beekeeping 7 Days 25
2 Out of State Training Training on Scientific Beekeeping 7 Days 25
3 Out of State Exposure Visit Training on Scientific Beekeeping 5 Days 25
4 State Level Seminar Awareness, Motivation & Technology
Transfer for Development in Beekeeping
2 Days 250-300

Training Hall Details

Sahara Gramudyog Sansthan has Training hall for more than 30 farmers/beekeepers and also accommodation facility is available at Sansthan Village- Nathory, Post- Nakur, District- Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh-247342.
Theoretical Training Course Outline:-
Beekeeping – As a occupation to increase in agriculture product
  • Apis Mellifera Bee Colony
  • Beekeeping Equipments:- Bee Box, Honey Extractor, Smoker, Bee veil, Knife, Hive Tool, Queen Gate, Feeder, Solar wax extractor, Wax sheet etc.
  • Bee Management
  • Bee Deseases
  • Swarm control in Bee colonies
  • Timely extraction of Honey
  • New Queen rearing
  • Seasonally sugar syrup & Pollen method in colonies
  • Migration Benefits to farmers & Bee Keepers
  • Selective Bee Breeding colonies
  • Care against Pesticides in colonies.
  • Marketing of Honey, Bee colony & other products.
  • Bionomic ability of Project.
Practical Training Course Outline :-
  • Field visit of Beekeeping & Agriculture
  • Pollination
  • Honey extractor
  • Processing of Honey
  • Wax collection & Processing
  • Method of Propolis Production
  • Queen Bee & Queen Cells.
Expected Output / Outcome:-
  • Increase in self employment
  • Production of Honey
  • Increase in Agriculture Production by Pollination.
  • For Practical Training at Apiary
    Sansthan has apiary for practical training of farmers/beekeepers. All equipment is also available at Site & training centre for scientific beekeeping. Sansthan has also started training for collection bee-venom, pollen, bee wax and Royal Jelly. Farmers/beekeepers are interest in collection of Bee- Venom & Royal Jelly.

    Sahara Gramudyog Sansthan has completed many programs in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Uttrakhand etc. and trained 5000 farmers/beekeepers. Out of 5000 Farmers/ beekeepers, 4500 farmers/beekeepers are doing commercial beekeeping with Mellifera bees.